Committed to Helping the Kids Succeed

We envision a society where children can live, love and stay happy without the fear of violation and violence

Karu, Nigeria

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Children Views

Empower the children

We are a non profit and a faith based evangelical Organisation, we preach Christ to kids/teenagers as well as
Investing in the lives of kids/teenagers, building a healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create a lasting change in their own lives and communities.

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Our Books

the precious gift

A gift is something precious given to us without requesting or demanding for it.

He found Me

This is a short description elaborating the service you have mentioned above.​

Emotional violence on kids/teenagers

Emotional violence is the feeling of verbal or psychological harm or hurt done to kids/teenagers

Letters to my Kids and Teens

Happy new year and welcome to 2021. It is already some days past the first day of the year when all of you kept a midnight watch so as to usher in the new year. Now another 365 days in the space of 12 months have begun. This is good news for each one to lead a productive life.

Sarah's Story

My name is Sarah, I am 13 years old, I am the only child, I have always dreamt about becoming an engineer in future

Letter to My Kids and Teens volume 3

Dear friends, It's been a while we said hello to each other. The year is still rolling in and many are making efforts to put themselves in the right spot.


​Here is a story from the BIBLE There was a man who was oppressed by demons, he needed help, but no one could come close to him, talk more of help him,

Professional And Experienced in Handling Kids

Our Club

Excellent Track Record

Goodnews club Philippian missionaries have been operating for the past 8 years where our responsibilities include; Organizing the kids/teenagers, training them on topics peculiar to them, Listening to their complains and challenges while analyzing for possible resolution. We have had community intervention projects at Jikowi and some other communities cutting across Nasarawa and Abuja. Our focus is making the heart of kids and teenagers a home for Christ and building a generation were God can penetrate and live. We also provided some of their basic needs like clothes, food and even training some in school We are passionate about helping children and meeting their needs.

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Children are Gift from God

Quote from our Children

Good news club have taught me a lot of things too numerous to mention but I will start here; This club has helped me in making decisions and has enabled me to understand that wrong decisions affect us in a hard way so i understand the importance of thinking before making any decision. The club has also broadened my knowledge towards God and made me to understand that God works in mysterious ways and he is the divine solution to all our problems. The club also made me to understand that learning from God does not have to be boring and uptight but fun and entertaining especially for us young minds. The club has taught me a simple and fun way to read the bible in a way I can enjoy it. The club has also impacted me with the knowledge that my good morals can show others who don't behave well how to behave without saying a word. These and many more i can't seem to remember, I can testify that Good News Club has impacted me all round. I am a proud member of Goodnews club Philippian missionaries
Evangeline Isioma
I am a member of Goodnews Club, A great club that has made me encounter Christ, I said that because I myself have had an encounter with Christ and it was a wonderful experience, It was a meeting I will never forget. Goodnews Club made me to see that I am a the light of the world and a city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden (Matt 5:14 , so I reflect christ in my environment, my school and my church, I hardly forgive people when I'm hurt by them, I must make sure I try to repay that hurt but since I started fellowshiping with Goodnews Club I have the understanding that when I let things go it breaks the chain of unforgivness and I am free. Goodnews club has made me to connect with God in such a beautiful way. I am so happy that I have found a place like Goodnews Club, May God bless the founder Miss Lois Aderomose and continue to lift her from grace to grace and also strengthen her both spiritually and physically Amen
Ezeikwu Faith
First and foremost I want to appreciate the supreme God for directing me to goodnews club Philippian missionaries, I can say I am a better person because of this Organisation, I use to be easily influenced negativily by friends and people around me, after my counselling sections with Aunty Lois I started learning to understand myself better, and, I stopped following bad friends, I started focusing more on my education and since then I became one of the best in my class, I have also learnt that God can give me the power to live above sin , I'm not perfect but now I am entirely a different person with the help of God and my favourite Aunty Lois.. Goodnews club changed my life spiritually, academically, physically and I'm so grateful If you are not a member of these club you need to come and experience a first hand of what I'm talking about I love Goodnews club God bless Goodnews club
Adejumo David